The Best Poker Nation is set to be crowned

Countries collide on the  international poker stage, and its powered by

Date: To be Confirmed **

 The Global Poker Masters is the first tournament of its kind

A purely competitive arena where Poker’s top countries can compete for global dominance without gimmicks; with national teams chosen solely on the merit of player’s results, and the advantage of a structure created to showcase players’ skills above everything else.

How it Works?

The Global Poker Masters is a Two Day $10K buy-in Event with $100K in added money up for grabs and the title of GPI Country of the Year on the line! Action will be televised & livestreamed* to fans all over the world.

* To be confirmed

Team members from each of the 9 competing countries will split off into 4 unique player pools - creating four 9 player Sit-N-Gos, with 1 player representing each  country.

Pros will each compete in 4 rounds of Sit-N-Go’s - 16 total - racking up GPI points & ensuring every player has the chance to compete against everyone else from the field.

Players & Countries

The 9 highest ranked countries on the Global Poker Index (GPI) will compete in the Global Poker Masters. Every participating country will have its own team, consisting of its Top 4 Ranked Poker Pros - each impartially chosen according to GPI National Leaderboards.

Scoring & Winners

The Global Poker Masters will be tracked by the GPI like any normal tournament with players awarded GPI points based on how high up the results ladder they finish. After the event concludes each team’s players’ GPI points added up - the country with the most combined points wins.

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